Saturday, March 11, 2017

Chocolate Poke Cake with Oreos

For Day 2, I have yet another cake with my theme as Chocolate Delights for kids. The cake has loads and loads of chocolate.

Poke Cakes, the name itself attracts me, now what are Poke cakes?These are cakes that are poked after baking and then filled with some kind of liquid. The choice is yours, you could use chocolate, caramel,cream, fruit puree, you just need your imagination. Every bite of the cake will have some extra flavoring.

This is the same recipe as the chocolate with chocolate chip cake but minus the chocolate chips.Instead I poked the cake with a chopstick. and poured the freshly made ganache , which seeped in these pores .I let it set and then topped the cake with some more ganache and Oreo biscuits .I bet the chocolate lovers are going to drool over it.The cake was a treat by itself and the kids loved it.

Oreo chocolate biscuits are very addictive and they happen to be a favorite with all kids and adults as well. While baking cakes I sometimes like to add a bit of biscuit to them. If you sandwich the cake with these biscuits, they lend amazing creamy taste to the cake. If you add them on the top , they give a crunchy taste.

So here is another sinful chocolate cake with loads of ganache and oreos.
I wish I could have shown you the interior of the cake, but since I carried it for kids I could not cut it , moreover the minute the kids got the cake it was all over.

Here is how I made it
( minus the chocolate chips )
Chocolate Oreo biscuits

Place the cake on the counter.
Using a chopstick, make holes in the cake at regular intervals.
Pour the freshly made ganache, since it is quite liquidy it will seep in the holes.
Let set.
Pour more ganache on top and arrange the Oreo biscuits on top.

This is my post for BM #74,Week 2, Day 2

Sending this to Kid’s Delight event, guest hosted by Kalyani, themed on Chocolates.

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  1. your chocolaty posts are making me drool Vaishali... very very tempting and attractive :-)

  2. It is surely sinful enough to make me check it out right away Vaishali 😄

  3. Omg, this is a real torture, wat a fantastic cake, double bonanza definitely for chocoholic persons like me.

  4. Yep, it's a treat for chocolate lovers.Love the idea of pouring ganache through the holes.It must be delicious and moist.

  5. the cake looks really tempting vaishali. The shine on the ganache looks almost like a mirror!!

  6. Delicious and tempting cake Vaishali. Just what I need right now.

  7. woah - that cake would put me in a serious chocolate coma :)

  8. Double or triple dose of chocolate, Vaishali?? Looks very sinful. My little one says she would first pick out those cookies on top :)

  9. Can't tell you Vaishalli how much I'm loving this cake...drooling..will make it ASAP :)