Instant Dry Mint

I use a lot of mint in my food. Fresh mint has amazing taste but at times it is not stocked, also some recipes require dry mint. We do get the dried one in the stores but some how I don't feel like buying it. Ever since PJ taught us the dehydration process in MW I must have made so many batches of these dried herbs. I make loads of these and send to my daughter. Here is a step by step version of this instant dried mint. I do not like to throw all the stems , as they lend a wonderful flavor.

Instant Dry Mint
Pluck the leaves from the stem, leaving a few tender stems.
Wash and wipe the mint leaves.
Press them lightly with a kitchen towel to remove all the moisture.
Place them on a kitchen towel in the MW and microwave for 1 minute 30 secs on high.
Let stand for a minute. Remove and wait for a minute.
The mint should have become crunchy, but how ever if you feel it is still limp, MW for another 10 seconds and check.
The mint will retain its fresh green color.
Use as it is or coarsely crush it with hands.
Store in a airtight jar.

I used these in Qatar Breakfast

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