Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Almond Chocolate Larabars

This is the first post of Groovy Gourmets.I was so apprehensive about joining this group, but both Radhika and Anusha have been ever so sweet and assured me that I could work on the recipes.With very tight schedules  posting a gourmet dish seemed difficult, but after this first attempt. May be it’s not as tough as I thought.Thanks Radhika and Anusha. 

This is a monthly event where we shall get a blog, or a website or a cook book to choose from.The announcing date is 20th and the reveal date is 3rd.So guys, whoever is interested, please join in! 

For the first month we have Roxana’s blog to cook from. What a mind blowing space, you want to try just about everything and I have already book marked some of the recipes.We could choose a vegan recipe, or could choose any recipe and make it vegan. I choose the peanut larabars and gave them a twist..rather substituted peanuts with almonds. 

2 ½ cups pitted dried dates 
¾ cup almonds 
2 tbsp cocoa powder 
30 gms chocolate   
Pinch sea salt 
Line a 7x7 pan with cling film. 
In a food processor place the dates and pulse until they are finely chopped and they start to form a ball. 
Add almonds, cocoa powder and salt.Pulse again, till the almonds are finely chopped. 
Add the grated chocolate. 
Pulse till well combined. 
Take the mixture and spread in the pan. 
Decorate with almonds. 
Cover with another film and leave it to set for 2-4 hours in the refrigerator. 
Cut into bars or squares.

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  1. Welcome to the group Vaishali.. looking forward to cooking gourmet recipes with you. Your Lara bars are a perfect start.

  2. Vaishaliji. Hi5. This is such a fabulous snack choice

  3. wow looks super delicious with chocolate in it .. tempting me..

  4. Decadent bars, love tp grab few and have rite now.

  5. These look really really good and you've upped it with almonds ! Beautiful clicks!

  6. Almond bars are looking yumm, wish like having them right out of the pics.....

  7. Larabars is in my to do list for sometime now. I have been eyeing the dates, almonds and raisins recipe. Chocolate is such a nice addition! Will try for sure.

  8. These are awesome. LOvwe the mix or dates, almonds and chocolate.

  9. delicious platter!!! can grab a few right now!!
    Event - Bake Fest
    Event - Celebrate - Summer

  10. Wow... never heard of them. You have cut them so beautifully and perfectly.