Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Edada / Safed Dhokla

I have always loved making friends ,be it the train or the boutique anywhere and everywhere somehow I get friendly. Two of my friends are from the time my son was in K.G .The mothers used to meet in school and slowly we have become the best of friends. This is the recipe which has been taught to me by one of them. They both are a big support to me where blogging is concerned. Thanks  Anar and Beena!!

Coming to my younger  friends.(….well I have friends of my daughter’s age too…)
These Edada’s have been specially cooked for  another  dear friends..she called me the other day to give me some good news..and she felt like eating these Edadas….how I wish I could send them….but ……distance!!....this is her virtual treat!!May her life be full of happiness and God Bless her with a healthy baby.

Since this post is dedicated to Friendship I decided to announce the winner of The Blog Anniversary Giveaway  which was celebrated by Chocolate Shahi Tukda with Orange Sauce .This post  has been long overdue!!

The winner has been decided by a lucky draw picked up by my little two year old grandson!!

Congratulations!!.....Preeti Garg!!!.of Preetis Kitchen. Please mail me your postal address within two three days failing this I might  have to pick up another winner.

over to the recipe...
2 cups............... rice
1cup.................. udad daal
¼ tsp................. cooking soda
2tbsp .................oil
1tsp................... greenchilly ginger paste
Salt to taste
Wash and soak rice and daal for 4-5 hours.
Grind to a paste ,it  has to be like idli batter.
Leave it to ferment .
5-6 hours are enough.
Boil water in a steamer.
Place a empty greased thaali in this.
Add salt , oil , chilly ginger paste and lastly cooking soda.beat well .
Pour into the greased thaalis.
Sprinkle either red chilly pwd or black pepper.
Cover and steam.
This normally takes 5-7 minutes.
Check with a knife , it should come out clean.
Bring out the thaali and apply a layer of oil on the cooked Edadas.
Cut into squares or diomonds.

The garnish is optional
2tbsp .....................oil
1tsp........................ musturd seeds
1tsp........................ sesame seeds
Few curry leaves
Finely chopped coriander
Heat oil.
Add musturd and sesame seeds.
Add curry leaves.
Add the cut dhokla pieces.


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  1. So it's kind of Dhokla.. Looks very delicious.. Nice healthy breakfast option. Thnx for linking up Vaishali

  2. wonderful recipe new version of dhokla

  3. I have made dhokla once and loved it. Looks yummy and thx for linking to the event.

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  4. Healthy Dhokla... Looks delicious..
    First time here. You have got a wonderful space. Happy to follow you..
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  6. super soft and yummy !! and thanks for posting Vaishali :) :) .... gonna make this immediately..

    Congrats to Preeti on her giveaway gift :)

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  7. This is almost similar to idli this snack anytime

  8. looks so yummy and healthy too..wonderful recipe dear!!

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  11. Awesome! that's one wonderful snack, thanks Vaishali for linking this to my event.

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  13. forgot to ask. How many does the measurements you gave make (in the size that you cut)?