Thursday, September 15, 2011


For the month of August the ICC announced Jalebi.This is one Indian Dessert that I love,and wanted to try it immediately...but the waeather kept ditching me.Day after day...we were getting non stop rains...and I did not want a soggy Jalebi.Anyway finally I made them ..on a rainy day...but they did not get a chance to get soggy..the minute I removed one from the got over!

Jalebi ,an Indian dessert that is deep fried batter piped into concentric circles,soaked into flavored sugar syrup, gooey...sweet and tastes best when served piping hot.When I talk of Jalebi the very first thought is of the famous Jalebi Wallah of Chandni Chowk..Old Delhi.Each saffron colored jalebi made in pure ghee weighs about 400 gms. While eating these the juice drips and one cant help licking fingers...m..mmmm...just miss those crunchy juicy jalebis ..the Jalebi in Gujrat are quite thin and pale colored..somewhere on the yellow tone...but ofcourse a jalebi is a dont mind enjoying it.right?We have special days like Uttarayan(the kite flying festival)....Dusherra when you see people queing up to buy these sweets.

the famous Jalebi wala Chandni Chowk ,Old Delhi
piping through a muslin cloth
dont miss the size of each jalebi...after the sugar syrup each one weighs nearly 400 gms
piping through a pot,piping outside to inside
thinner jalebis...of Gujrat
queing up for jalebis!!

Coming to my version..well I followed the recipe ditto.I started piping the batter ...and it started wiggling......felt the batter should have been thick!...I added some flour and corn starch  and then tried..still was not very happy..then came in my 13year old neice...since she insisted I gave her to try...and a wonderful job..she piped the circle outside to inside.and that was the trick I followed and the jalebis came out super.I used a gits..jalebi maker to pipe these jalebis.I used a small pan to fry at a time,since I did not want to waste so much pure ghee.(..once burned ..its no good to store it.)I would fry one ..and it would disappear...believe me they just finished in tasting...eating???..I wonder how many more I would have to make..I saved one for the picture!!

100 gms................ maida
1 cup..................... curds
30 gms.................. cornstarch
1tbsp..................... lemon juice
1tbsp..................... hot oil
Mix the above ingredients and make a thick batter.
Leave overnight to ferment it.

Sugar Syrup
1cup sugar
1/2 cup water
Dissolve sugar and water.
Cook till you reach the syrup consistency.
Add soaked saffron.

Piping the jalebi
Pour the batter in a jalebi maker /piping bag.
Heat pure ghee.
Pipe the jalebis .
Starting from outside going inside make concentric circles.
Remove and dip into the syrup.
Remove from the syrup.
Serve on a bed of rose petals.

my first jalebi
the first trial by my 13 year old niece
some wiggly ones.....too.....
saved for the picture!!

Thanks Valli for such an awsum was fun doing this challenge.Sending this to Anu's Diwali Festival.

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  1. Ahhhh.....I wanted to try this since a long time...sure in my list now...

  2. I can smell the piping hot jalebis.

  3. I thought maida is the main ingredient for jalebi.
    This recipe is new to me.

  4. wow....wonderful post....looks amazing

  5. Those jalebi's look yummy. Oh! u reminded me of those yummy chandni chowk jalebi's n those jalebi's are so porous inside. Yum yum yum ...
    Vaishali u have missed out on the maida in the recipe.

  6. hey friends...sorry..missed out on the maida...yes Vatsala u r right..maida is the main ingredient!!..n thnx a ton Ritu for correcting me...:)

  7. wow lovely jalebis.I too struggled with the piping.

  8. perfect n delicious looking jalebis...

  9. Wow those pictures are awesome...thanks for sharing..I am so glad you tried and enjoyed..good of your niece..:)

  10. wow, the shape is really great. I would kill for that shape :)

  11. thanks for sharing those clicks with us. You have been tagged for the 7 links challenge. For more details visit my space.

  12. Nice Memories!!!! Jalebi's Look great!!!!

  13. Lovely post...One of the best jalebi's in shape, I have seen in blogosphere. Thanks for sharing the tip of piping.

  14. yummy delicious jalebis.....I will prefer to have them with hot spicy samosas..
    you have a lovely space...following you
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